Stablecoin Markets

Native Assets

Currently there are no natively issued stablecoins on the Ethereum Classic network.

Bridged Assets

Multichain-Pegged Stablecoins

Due to Ethereum Classic's infancy, stablecoins are not natively issued on the network at this point. This means stablecoins need to be bridged over to Ethereum Classic. Currently, ETC Swap supports bridged assets through Multichain's Cross Chain Router. With financial backing from cryptocurrency exchange Binance, Multichain is one of the most reputable cross-chain routing projects in the blockchain space.

Tether USD Multichain-Peg (USDT)

USD Coin Multichain-Peg (USDC)

Binance USD Multichain-Peg (BUSD)

Dai Stablecoin Multichain-Peg (DAI)