How to add liquidity on ETC Swap

If you already have some cryptocurrency that you want to hold but also want to generate a passive income using those funds, you can provide your funds to a liquidity pool on ETC Swap. Note that you will need to provide a pair of two tokens.
So, how to use ETCswap to earn a passive income? Become a liquidity provider (LP). Liquidity providers collectively earn 0.25% of each trade on an ETC Swap market pair.

Step 1. Select tokens for liquidity mining

Go to Pool and then click + Add Liquidity to select the trading pair that you wish to provide liquidity.
Note that you can even add a new token.

Step 2. Select amount for liquidity mining

Next you need to select the amount you want to provide to that liquidity pool. Note that you need to provide the corresponding ratio for each trading pair.

Step 3. Review and confirm Supply

After entering the desired amount for both assets, you will have to approve the Ethereum Classic transaction and pay the gas fees. Afterwards, click Supply and you will receive the LP tokens in your wallet, and you will see the liquidity pool share.
In the top right, you will see a Pending notification that the Ethereum Classic transaction is processing. The wait depends on the gas paid and the congestion on the Ethereum Classic network. Transactions typically process under 1 minute on Ethereum Classic with minimal gas at the time of writing this guide.
You will see a confirmation notification in the top right when the transaction is confirmed.
The pool share is a ratio to tell you how much of that pool you own.
Thank you for supporting the Ethereum Classic network by adding liquidity to these on-chain markets. These ETC Swap markets are foundational components of the Ethereum Classic decentralized finance ecosystem.