ETC Swap Token Lists

After you have configured your MetaMask wallet and connected your MetaMask wallet to the ETC Swap application, you can start swapping tokens on the platform. We recommend you also follow this guide to Import the ETC Tokens in MetaMask so your balances appear in your wallet.

Import ERC20 Tokens

The ETC Swap protocol is open to any ERC20 token on Ethereum Classic network. To begin, ETC Swap needs to populate the crypto assets you want to swap. You can search for tokens individually by name or contract address. ETC Cooperative's Blockscout explorer is a good resource for finding custom ERC20 tokens that aren't found in popular Ethereum Classic token lists. Rather than importing tokens individually, you can import token lists that contain multiple crypto assets.

ETC Swap Token List

ETC Swap populates a Default Token List of known and trust-minimized assets. The ETC Swap Default Token List should automatically populate when you visit the platform. Once updated the token list should disply as ETC Swap Tokens.

Step 1. Manually Import the ETC Swap Token List

If the Default Token List does not automatically update and populate the ETC Swap Tokens, you can import this token list at any time into the ETC Swap platform.
Click Select a token
Click Change in the bottom right of the token list display box.
Copy ETC Swap's raw URL for the Default Token List from the Github repository or the link below:
Paste the raw URL into the Add a list input field.

Step 2. Accept Updates of the ETC Swap Tokens List

Occasionally crypto assets will be added or removed from the ETC Swap Tokens list. When this happens, you'll be prompt with a pop up to Accept update. This simply adjusts the assets displayed on the ETC Swap Tokens list. This does not remove markets from the EtcswapV2 protocol or restrict user access to these unlisted markets. There is no gatekeeping with ETC Swap. You can always create and import custom markets on ETC Swap.

Step 3. Review the ETC Swap Tokens List

Custom ERC20 Assets

ETC Swap is Ethereum Classic's leading decentralized exchange protocol. Therefore many third-party projects or applications may create a liquidity pool for their native Ethereum Classic ERC20 token on the EtcswapV2 protocol. The holders of this token may want to include the asset with the default ETC Swap Token list. Individual tokens can be added via the input field at the top of the token list display box. Simple paste the contract address of the Custom ERC20 crypto asset.

Custom Token Lists

Following the same steps above for manually adding the ETC Swap Token list. Users can create their own custom token lists and import them into ETC Swap.
Here is an example of Custom Token List with custom ERC20 assets added with the existing ETC Swap Token list.
Examples of projects that may want to make a custom token list json file for their users:
  • An Ethereum Classic development project issuing an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
  • An Ethereum Classic project that is not listed on any exchanges and wants swap markets between it's custom ERC20 token and the large market cap Multichain-Peg bridged assets (e.g.: BNB, BUSD, DAI, ETH, USDC, USDT, WBTC) and canonical WETC markets.
    • ERC20/WBTC - Custom ERC20 / Wrapped Bitcoin Multichain-Peg market
    • ERC20/USDT - Custom ERC20 / Tether Multichain-Peg