How to Use ETC Swap

A Complete Step-by-Step Guide to ETC Swap
With the rise of the crypto market, investors are looking for new cryptocurrencies to invest in while preserving their anonymity. ETC Swap DEX is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) that relies on decentralized and non-custodial smart contracts to swap tokens. So, what exactly is ETC Swap, and how can you use it?

What is ETC Swap?

ETC Swap is the largest decentralized exchange protocol on the Ethereum Classic network. The ETC Swap protocol is open-source, and it uses the automated liquidity protocol.
The ETC Swap DEX allows anyone to list their token for free. New users quickly understand how to use ETC Swap and can start to swap tokens without account registration, without giving custodial rights to the customers funds, and without KYC/AML regulation requirements.
ETC Swap was launched in May of 2022, ETC Swap is software derived from the open-source Uniswap V2 protocol developed by Hayden Adams, a former engineer at Siemens.
In May 2020, Uniswap V2 was launched, which enabled the exchange to eliminate the requirement to deposit digital asset pairs to liquidity pools. The DEX allows direct swaps between ERC20 tokens, while reducing the number of transactions and gas prices.
As with all DEXs, traders control their funds and do not have to deposit it on the exchange. Traders using ETC Swap are not at risk of losing their funds as they have full custody of their assets.
The ETC Swap exchange supports all Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible wallets, such as MetaMask. The user will need to add Ethereum Classic as a network in their wallet.